About sunnystudentscience

This website is shared by two sister organizations, one in Kenya doing brilliant youth science with solar cooking and one in the USA that provides advice and sometimes can help with funding.


1/30/12 – Sister Organization Registers in Kenya

Thanks to our support team, the sister organization that is running pilot program in Eldoret, Kenya is now registered with the Kenyan government.  This organization also has a bank account of its own now, to facilitate handling funds while maintaining accountability.  There was even enough in the transfer to purchase a few much-needed tools, so that work on prototypes can continue while we try to broaden our support base to fund more complete projects in a better facility.  Please tell your friends and family about our unique projects.  We are already making a difference, but the more support we have, the more difference we can make!


1/3/12 – Funds Transfer Completed

A modest funds transfer will make it possible for our sister organization in Kenya to register with their government, open a bank account to facilitate fund raising and accountability, and purchase some tools to help with prototype work.  Thank you to our support team for making this possible.  Working together, we can give these smart young people and their families a brighter future.