Photo from the Pilot Project

Photo from the Pilot Project

These exciting integrated curriculum projects incorporate reading and online research, a scientific approach, a careful balance of creative and critical thinking, various hands-on construction skills, and more.  Students learn the practical science and skills of solar cooking and go beyond to practice creative thinking and problem solving, to become confident innovators and solar scientists, ready to take on some of their society’s challenges and work for clean, equitable solutions.

Our pilot program in Eldoret, Kenya is mentored by Camily and Gaudenziah Wedende and their three children, and administered by Camily, Gaudenziah, and a local advisory board.  We provide them with advice and are trying to raise funds for expansion and projects.

Our Approach Develops Skills and Knowledge

  •  online research
  • creative and innovative thinking and problem solving
  • an understanding of the basic scientific principles of solar cooking
  • critical thinking
  • understanding the importance of comparative studies—how to set them up and the importance of observing carefully and recording data.
  • practical construction and cooker use skills
  • teamwork and group communication and organization
  • presentation skills, through community events to celebrate milestone stages of projects and demonstrate solar cooking to the community

Students, Families, and Communities Benefit

  • The importance of observing and recording data is emphasized, giving students a fundamental kernel of the scientific approach.
  • Students earn materials for their cookers by helping with research into cooker models and performance, thereby contributing to our fund of knowledge of solar cooking.  The materials are not a giveaway.  This is important for  self-respect and healthy attitudes.
  • Students learn to cook many common foods, making their skills immediately useful at home, where each cooker can improve the quality of life for a family in many ways.
  • Success builds confidence.
  • Adult interest in solar cooking increased dramatically since the neighborhood youth invented a new model of solar cooker and have been going through all the business of building and testing cookers.  People become engaged by encouraging kids who are working to improve the lives of their people.  Many people who did not know much about solar cooking have been amazed to see water boiling and food cooking just from the energy of the sun.