Third Basic Project Group Well Underway

Updates to this site continue to be delayed by a lack of volunteers, but there is an exciting third project group underway, now making their solar cookers that they will take home.  The design they chose after testing involves a round papier mache base molded over a 20 qt. stainless steel bowl that Sharon managed to fit into Camily’s suitcase when he visited the USA in the summer of ’14.  With the addition of an adjustable vertical reflector made from foiled paperboard and a rack to keep the pot in the best light, these are very powerful round panel cookers.  We hope to have some photos of the construction up soon.

In other exciting news, Camily has managed to pay off the guitar that has been on layaway so it can come home.  Now it will be easier and more fun than ever for our team in Kenya to sing and dance about solar cooking.

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