Crisis Year Highlights Need to Grow

Major crises in Sharon’s family in 2013-14 prevented her from updating this site for far too long, as well as cutting into time for the all-important fundraising to try to get to where we can house our projects up out of the dirt and hot sunshine.  To have a hope of viability, this organization has to grow beyond one woman who is also juggling a complicated family and part-time caregiving (plus a very part-time granddaughter accountant).  We have been seeking volunteers for the team and have added a couple new ones, but we could still use a couple more, at least.  Skills needed include web site building and maintenance, writing, editing (photo, video, and/or text), social networking, and fundraising.

Meanwhile, the second basic project group from our pilot program in Eldoret, Kenya has proceeded to construct their Hexagon cookers, since the model tested so well.  There was some unavoidable extra delay due to pilot program director, Camily Wedende, winning a travel scholarship to the 2014 Solar Cooking Convention and Festival in the USA (more on that exciting trip soon), photosbut Camily is now back in Eldoret and preparations for the awards ceremony for the bright young inventors of the Hexagon Solar Cooker are underway.

We hope to have more updates and photos up soon.

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